Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Weekly Wrap-up

What a rollercoaster ride of weather we had this week. High temperatures, then rain, then high winds and hail last night. Some parts of Ontario even got snow! We didn't, but we are having frost tonight. Our tiny vegetable plants are camping out inside tonight!

I had hoped to do some daily sketching this month, but most of my art this week has been creating ATCs and photography. At least I am taking time for myself most days, and creating!

I was able to complete several sets of cards this week:

Flower people: (and the only faces I did for ABCs of Art this week!). I really enjoyed playing with the gesso faces I created for another swap and I tried it for this one as well. (can you guess which one is Elton's??)

(I am having trouble loading pictures tonight - they won't be moved so have only loaded one set )
I also created Bunny cards for my own swap as well as cards for the fruits of the vine swap.
Over at Creative Every Day, Leah has a new theme for May : Intuition.
I just read an article about Judith Orloff, who has written a book on intuition, called "Second Sight". In her book she gives tips on how to tap into your own inner wisdom.
Here are some of her suggestions:
Rerun your movie: After an event, rerun the event in your mind. Focus on how you felt.
Tune in to your body: As someone speaks to you , pay attention to all of your senses. Your body will provide information if you pay attention.
Ask your dreams: Write down a question before bed and let your dreams provide insight. In the morning, pay close attention as you wake to what you remember. Write it down before you get up.
Use your "gut-o-meter": Pay attention to gut feelings - if it doesn't feel right, or you sense danger your gut is trying to tell your brain something.
Check out her website here.


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Wow, I love that information about Judith Orloff's book. I am going to use it, definitely. And I adore your faces. So grateful to see your work...

Check out my CED2010 Weekly Check in here!

Blair Mirth said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I love the vibrancy of them. The faces are forms of expression in themselves. I love them.

Kelee said...

Great tips!


The faces are a fav!

love, kelee from creative everyday!

my blog is

EG CameraGirl said...

I've been having trouble with Blogger too.

I like your flower people - very creative and the colours are cheerful.

Cheryl said...

Your idea for making a quilt calendar hanging is fabulous!!!