Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life is Good! and Sunday Weekly Wrap-up

Earlier in the week I received a lovely tribute from Lis of "Dandelion Seeds and Dreams" - Life is Good!
Part of the award is to answer 10 questions – here are my answers to her 10 questions (needed some away time before I could write responses)

1. Do you have a special gift and what is it?I feel that the one true special gift I have been blessed with is that of teaching – with respect, passion, caring and patience. I enjoy my interactions with the students and love to see their eagerness to learn. I want to make learning exciting and fun for them, to ensure that they love reading and that they show respect to others.

2. What would your perfect day consist of?
A perfect day would have the people I love central to the day, with time for art, music, and dancing. I would have time to read a favourite book and eat some special foods.

3. Who do you miss and what do you wish you could say to them?
I miss my Mom and my aunt/godmother (they were sisters) the most. I lost both of them in the same school year – my aunt in September and my Mom the end of May, two years ago.
I would tell them both how much I loved them and how much they have both influenced my life and the woman and mother I am.
I was lucky though, as I was always to tell them how much they meant to me and how much I loved them often.

4. Do you have a recurring dream and what is it about?I have had recurring dreams occasionally, but they usually relate to a problem or challenge in my life.

5. Who inspired you as a child? Do they inspire you today?My parents inspired me and still do.
My father was a great believer in treating everyone as his equal, whether bank president or caretaker. At his funeral (in 1972), I remember the caretaker of the bank where he worked, tell me that my dad always stopped and asked after his wife and children and remembered their names. My dad did not suffer fools, and especially pompous ones, at all.
I got my love of reading and math from him.
My mother became my role model of what a mother should be like, as well as how to cook and bake. She had a very hard life, yet she never complained. She always tried to look on the positive side of things. She was always on the lookout for something that would make a loved one happy.

6. How do you hope you will be remembered?I hope I will be remembered as a person who gave of herself, who cared about her family and friends, who tried to make a difference in the lives of her students, and tried to help, even in small ways.

7. Is there a moment or an event you wish you could do over and why?If there was one event I would change, it would be that I separated from my ex sooner, and moved away from his influence on my children much sooner than I did. It might have prevented the abuse of my oldest and the debt I went through for many years.
The trouble is, if you change the past, you would change the future and I might not be married to my husband now.
Things happen and change us, for better and for worse. That time of my life made me stronger.

8. What artwork would you like to own?I would love to own a Vincent Van Gogh – one of his sunflower paintings. Any of the impressionist painters’ work or a painting by one of the Group of Seven would work as well.
But I am always on the lookout for new artists - there is so much talent to be discovered.

9. If you could have any talent, what would it be?I would love to be able to be to create large landscapes and large floral paintings.

10. Describe the best meal you ever had (or perhaps your dream meal) and who was with you (or would be with you?)My favourite meals have always been ones with family or friends. I have favourite foods, but it is the whole experience of eating and talking and laughing that makes the meal special. Follow that up with games where everyone takes part (think Scattegories or Pictionary) and the whole evening is complete! Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and birthdays are all special times.

The next part of the award is to pass this on to fellow bloggers who inspire me, who I visit regularly:

There are so many bloggers I would love to learn more about and who offer so much inspiration. So, I am going to leave it to you wonderful bloggers who would like to participate and let us learn more about you. Life is indeed Good! Grab the award and answer the questions!
Here are the 10 questions:

1. What would your perfect day consist of?
2. Who do you miss and what do you wish you could say to them?
3. What is your favourite book and/ or author?
4. Who inspired you as a child? Today?
5. Where in the world would you most like to visit and why?
6. How do you hope you will be remembered?
7. Which 3 people would you most like to meet? Why?
8. What artwork would you like to own?
9. What is one of your favorite songs and why?
10. Describe your perfect day.

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up:

This week has been slow artistically. I have been trying to organize and plan for the months ahead. I have been reading blogs and interesting articles.
I created more papers for the Artistic Mother group this weekend
and finally completed my Poetry/inspiration Journal. I was stuck for a long time trying to decide what picture to use. Then yesterday while going through some old pictures I found one of my parents and me, when I was just months old. There was my inspiration! Then the cover easily took shape.

(The quotes don't show up very well but both mean a lot to me.
The second reads:
"Your talent is God's gift to you.
What you do with it is your gift to God" by Leo Buscaglia

Giveaway Day Winners:I chose 3 winners for the World Giveaway Day on Friday and have contacted them about their winnings.
The winners were:
Baukje - sun quilt/calendar holder
SewFunky - the cards and tag
Crystal Hendrix - Surprise package of supplies
It was wonderful to hear from so many bloggers. I will be visiting them all over the next few weeks. I didn't win anything this time but I found some very interesting blogs to which I will return!

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