Monday, May 3, 2010

Best Shot Monday

When I arrived home tonight I was tired. It was a long weekend, and a looong day. The children all seemed antsy, my most challenged student was back (after being sent home Friday) and he ran off this afternoon.

But the first thing I saw when I pulled into the driveway were the flowers! So many more have begun to bloom, taking the place of the tulips which are dying.

Yet even in their dying, there is beauty.

I got my camera and began to take photos of flowers. then I had to check out our nest. The eggs haven't hatched yet but I think I see a crack! Can't wait for the babies to arrive!

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Kristin said...

Oh, these pictures are beautiful! I love the one of the nest and your blog header is stunning, Kristin xo

June said...

Ohhh gorgeous pics, it becomes obsessive taking floral and nature pics lol i did it lots last year
hugs June xxx