Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wishing You a Blessed Christmas; Giving and Receiving

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a blessed, joyous Christmas!
I have been so fortunate this Christmas to be on the receiving end of gifts from some of my blogger friends.
Kara/Mother Henna held a blog gift exchange and I was fortunate to have Brandy as my partner. This week I received 2 beautiful CDs which she created. She is playing Christmas music on the piano - I have really loved playing the music over and over!. Her artwork is on the cover as well. Thanks so much Brandy!

Hybrid J sent me a lovely card of her artwork. Thanks so much Hybrid J - I love it!

I received a beautiful card from Sherry. I had been visiting her blog and when I wrote about missing a card from my Mom she offered to send me one! What a lovely gesture! Thank you so much Sherry!

I started following "8 Things" and as it is Christmas I want to leave you with 8 Treasured sites or inspiring words I have discovered recently - a gift to you!
1. 50 Quotes on Living a Life of Adventure by Marelisa
2. "Dare" video at Jamie Ridler Studios
3. Interviews with inspiring people
4. Why 37 Days by Patti Digh (author as well of Life is a Verb)
5. Planting Seeds for the New Year
6. The ABCs of Following Your Dreams
7. True Peace in Difficult Situations (and just explore The Bold Life!)
8. The Hero's Journey by Joseph Conrad


Sylvia K said...

Wishing you and yours, Beverly, a most Joyful, Merry Christmas, a lovely weekend and Peace for our world!



Julie Jordan Scott said...

Lovely post - thank you! Looking so forward to CED2010 with you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I was checking out the 8 links and almost forgot to come back and comment. Your blog seems to be full of ideas and inspiration. I am glad I found it, and am looking forward to participation in the CEDC with you.

Lisa PN said...

Love love love your links! Thanks so much Beverly, looking forward to doing CED 2010 with you!

Kate Robertson said...

Oh I loved these links. Thanks for stopping by at my blog.

artbrat said...

Hi Beverly, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the cd's. I loved my visist to your blog. You put together a wonderful list of links. I've written some of them down in my idea journal to hopefully spark something later. I'm sorry I haven't blogged about your art yet, its on my planner so I will get to it soon.

Take care,