Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Affirmation, ATCs, Inspiration

This week the letter N nudged me! Yes, N is for Nudge. I had other thoughts but this one would not go away.

I know personally I do not do well with demands. I do work better under pressure, but that is my choice!

Give me a nudge, let me think about it and generally I take off with it.

So, I am nudging myself to:
sleep better
love and laugh
Gentle reminders that good health is possible and desired.

I finished the last of the ATCs for the swaps which I signed up for at ATCs For All. The zentanlges are addictive I must admit. IF I happen to see another swap I just might sign up for it!

As we come to the end of September (hard to believe how quickly this year has gone by!), the next theme at Creative Every Day has been announced - Connect.
This past month the theme of Inspiration has been important. Many people and things have inspired me, not only in September, but throughout this past year. The whole journey of blogging, of taking part in challenges, book clubs, and meeting new people has been inspirational.
I have posted over 110 posts - something I never would have thought possible 6 months ago. I look forward to another 6 months of growing and challenging myself and meeting more people -especially as I take part in the Joy Diet Book Club.

Thanks everyone!


Leone said...

Fun ATC's. Zentangles look like so much fun too.
Good luck with your nudge, those are really good goals to set for yourself, I hope you are successful with them. It can only get better.

Lille Diane said...

Perfect post for autumn to fall upon us. My favorite time of the year.

"I know personally I do not do well with demands. I do work better under pressure, but that is my choice!" Boy do I hear you on this one, Beverley.

I just started blogging in mid April this year. It has forever changed my world, my life, my outlook, and I'm a better person for it.

People like you are why I find blogging so appealing. I can learn so much from you, and visit your world without ever leaving my room. But it's also bloggers like you that make me want to leave my room--to go meet you personally. Thank you, Beverley, for being you~

Leone said...

I look forward to receiving my ATC.
It is great to have RubyDogs to got to and it was nice to see Violette again. I remembered that you had won her book, it is fun isn't it? She's a very gentle spirit and I enjoyed the demo very much. I had to buy the book of course - must support other artists.

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

Hi Beverley - we've been sharing the same journey in blogging. I started just before you and have found it a real focus and inspiration for creativity.

Leah said...

What a fun-filled post, Beverly! I love your atc's.

And I'm like you, I do much better with a nudge than a demand.

Tamarak said...

Hi Beverley!

Zentangles are addictive! So are ACT swaps!

Do you ever go to ? They have ATC, postcard and other swaps all the time...I have done a few there...I find the projects help to keep me 'nudged'! I have come up with some great ideas for bigger paintings while making the little ones too...they are great little kick-starters...

I guess a lot of us are fairly new to blogging...I only 14, 2008...very almost a year ago!