Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Affirmation + New challenge

This week the affirmation begins with M.

I chose Move.

I have been watching the new Dr. Oz health show and I am struck by how much I need to get going and take care of my health better. I have tried all summer - and many of my Wishcast wishes have been related to health. But for whatever reason, I have not embraced exercise!

I could make many excuses - no time, sore knees and feet, etc.

But really, it comes down to - do I want a quality life or not?

So, I plan to get out my dance tapes and have fun. I used to love dancing - just put on the music and dance for 30-45 min. several times a week. Now I will be lucky if I can manage 5-10 minutes!!

So, move I will !

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Amanda of Persistent Green just posted a new challenge! And it is one that struck a cord with me!

"September 23rd will mark the beginning of the last 100 days of 2009. Anything that jumpstarts creativity--and KEEPS it going strong--is a winner in my book. So why not leap into the next 100 days with a fresh project?
What about you? Are you contemplating any over-the-top goals? Let's hear 'em." (Amaanda)

I am jumping on the wagon!
(Sept. is inspiration month at Creative Every Day!)

My project will be related to health:

100 days to a healthier me!

100 days to bringing more joy into my life.

Jamie Ridler's Next Chapter Book Club has begun and the book we will be reading is
"The Joy Diet" by Martha Beck.


Leone said...

I am going to do the 100 day challenge as well. I didn't complete the one with Rowena but I did create more in those 100 days than I ever have before so it was a successful exercise for me. I think I will do 100 Haiku's because I really like writing them, they are thought provoking and don't take too much time. Thanks for the heads-up about this challenge, you are involved in so many different things, it's interesting to visit your blog to see what you are going to do next. Take care and good luck with the movement, my daughter was just giving me a talking to yesterday about my 20 minutes a day intentional walk that I haven't been doing. Thank you for your comments on my blog and I hope you find that wild woman that has been hiding.

Angie said...

Great to see that you have joined "The joy Diet" too. Started reading the first chapter last night, the author is quite funny so makes reading fun!
It's always great to visit your blog, you are always doing so many things with art and creating.
I am also starting an exercise routine,and I feel myself resisting to start, but once I am doing it I feel good, its just starting! All the best with your movement project! Angie :)

Leah said...

I'm going to do the Joy Diet too! 100 days of focusing on health sounds like a wonderful idea. Sending you loads of healthy vibes!