Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today would have been my Mom's 80th birthday. This will be the second of her birthdays without her.

I needed to collage tonight - to create a gift for her (and myself).

My mom was a gentle soul.
She always cared for others. Anyone who met her was struck by her kindness, her interest in others.

She was always there for me – she was always there when anyone needed her. Her family was so very important to her.

She never complained. She had a hard life but you would never know it. “Not bad” was the standard answer when asked how she was. She did not like to have people fuss over her. She did not like to be the centre of attention.

She became a widow at an early age – only 43. She had 5 children to raise – 3 under 16.
Her children were her life. She never remarried, never dated for that matter.
When her grandchildren were born, she was a very doting grandma.

Mom was a homebody. She loved her home. She loved having people visit and loved baking and cooking for company. I remember so many times phoning her for a recipe and she always had it.

I will be having a cake for her later today. Some of the family will visit her gravesite. That is something I still have not been able to do.

Happy birthday Mom! I love you - you will forever be in my heart!


Leone said...

Thank you for sharing you Mom's 80th birthday celebration with us. She sounds like she was a gentle loving soul and that you will always carry her in your heart. What a good idea to celebrate with a cake. My thoughts are with you today, I understand.

Leone said...

Thanks Bev, I forgot to mention that those are real leaves and I covered them with copper leaf and then poured burt umber in over them.

The similarities are adding up. My Mom died 16 years ago today. Strange, eh!

I hope the day hasn't been too difficult for you and you have been able to celebrate her life and the wonderful woman she was. *hugs*