Saturday, August 8, 2009


I have returned! It has been a good week of some rest, some travelling, some needed time with my hubby. We visted family, travelled to Saratoga and Montreal and did some shopping.

I did miss the blogworld but I also needed to step back and do other things.

I rediscovered labyrinths this week. An article I read in a new little magazine for our area, "Sunshine" sparked a renewal of interest in labyrinths. The author, Lara Stewart-Panko states that the labyrinth is a tool for "discovery and transformation", that there is no one way to walk a labyrinth.

She also provided a finger labyrinth, which I had never heard of.
This morning I decided to find out more. I discovered some interesting sites: There is a finger labyrinth here to follow. At this site as well there is a lot of information on labyrinths, so be sure to explore it. The dancing woman labyrinth – for grief/ enduring love. I loved this one. It is appropriate for this week as my Mom's 80th birthday would have been on Aug.11th. There are suggestions for walking a virtual labyrinth (about 15 min).

I have yet to walk a labyrinth, but using the finger model has been a meditation for me this week. I hope to seek out local ones soon. (check here for one near you!
The labyrinth fits so well with Leah's Creative Every Day theme for August of movement. Here, the movement is both physical and spiritual.


Rose said...

I love labyrinths and mazes.... I am determined to learn more about them so will love looking up your links! Glad you had a good break!

Angie said...

Thanks for the links, really loved the finger labyrinth, very relaxing.
So glad you had a lovely break, but also good to see you back!

Beverley Baird said...

Thanks so much Angie and Rose.
I can't believe tho I went all week without posting tho! I was itching to find a computer every day! lol
Now I have to get back into the rhythym of blogging and creating again! Sure missed both.

Leone said...

Hi Bev, welcome back. I was thinking about you when I heard about the tornado in Quebec. Glad to hear you weren't affected by it. Labrynth's are so interesting. There is a church in the West End of Vanc. - St Paul's - that has a labrynth painted on the floor. It's the same as the one in the church in France. I walked it a few times when I lived next door to it. Quite often on a Friday night they have live music, such as harp or something else meditative. It's a very calming experience. Good luck with your search for one close by.

Labyrinth Gal said...

Always great to find a fellow labyrinth enthusiast! You can make your own finger labyrinths using dimensional paint for the lines. It gives it a 3-D feel. Fun to do with eyes closed. I have complete instructions on my website on the Free Stuff page under Labyrinth Art Projects.

Kids love labyrinths, so perhaps you could do one at your school--maybe a temporary one? I've used blue tape in school gyms when I'm presenting seminars. Outside, you can use rope or spray paint on the grass.

Hope you get to walk a labyrinth soon! All the BEST, :-) Hali

Leone said...

So pleased that you have found a couple of labyrinths nearby. The labyrinth in St Paul's, Vanc. is a copy of the one in Chartres Cathedral in France. Look forward to seeing what you create next.

Leah said...

Oo, I was reading this post thinking this is so perfect for the month of movement and then I saw you mentioned it! yay! Now I need to research and find a local labyrinth!