Sunday, May 17, 2009


Sent along by Mel....and in keeping with the theme on Bliss....I am to list 6 things that make me happy and then tag 6 other bloggers to do the same -

as always, No Obligations.

Here are my six - the first six that came to me. (I am still building my 50+ for the 101 in 1001 days).

1. Getting so lost in a book that I am closed off to the rest of the world.
This happened this weekend as I read and finished "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Socity". Loved it.

2. Dancing - either by myself or with my husband.

3. Curled up on the couch, our cat Fluffy purring on my lap, my husband beside me.

4. My family. We have a blended family as we married late (7 years this July) - a regular Brady Bunch! My 2 sons and a daughter and my husband's 2 daugtherss and a son and their 5 children.

5. Standing by the water's edge, especially with waves crashing on shore.

(Visiting Vancouver Island last year really filled my Bliss bucket!)

6. Watching fireworks.

So...moving on...again no-one need feel that they must participate at all, or perhaps partial participating would suit you. Whatever.

The ~love~ flows, either way..

Here are 6 special women I have tagged. Be sure to visit their awesome blogs:

1. Angie 4. Leone

2. Elizabeth 5. Mary Beth

3. Genie Sea 6. Tamara


Pink Heels said...

That is a wonderful list of 'things' that make you happy. My family, close and extended, definitely bring a tremendous amount of joy into my life also. Of course, there are a few headaches but it is par for the course. : )

mel said...

A beautiful Shiny list! A Bliss bucket?!? I LOVE that...

Beverley Baird said...

Hi Mel and Pink: Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.
Bliss bucket is from a book I read in my class and it is about filling oneanother's bucket. You want to be a "bucket filler". The kids really do try to fill each other's buckets.

Genie Sea said...

Your list made me want to sing :)With you, in joy! :)

Thank you for the tag! I will post on this soon! Hugs!

Elizabeth Golden said...

My six things are up on my blog. This was actually pretty fun.