Sunday, May 31, 2009

100 in 100 Days

While visiting Rowena's blog (via Leah's Everyday Creative), I was blown away by her challenge.

She is beginning a 100 Day Challenge to be creative everyday. Amanda at Persistent Green has taken up the challenge as well.

The end of school is only 4 weeks away and then 2 months of choosing what I want to do beckons! It seemed the perfect time for this challenge to be taken up! Talk about synchronicity! Leah has just spoken about it on Creative Every Day, as has Collage Diva at True North!

When I created this blog in March my goal was to be more creative. Teaching does take a lot of my time, but I knew that I was missing something. The loss of my Mom really shook me and even though I have a supportive, loving husband, a wonderful family, a career I enjoy, I was "blue". The blog has helped, as has becoming part of 101 Things in 1001 Days has helped by giving me goals.

I have begun to take part in ATC swaps and art challenges, and following Creative Every Day. This additional challenge will be a good way to move me forward.

Thanks Rowena and Amanda.

100 Days starts tomorrow!

My goal for these days will to carve out at least an hour a day to be creative in some way - whether it is creating art (art journal, collage, photography, etc) or writing, or both!

I will continue to blog at least once a week, more as I feel the need.
Join us on the journey - it should be a fun one.

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mel said...

How exciting!! I look forward to seeing what you're getting up to....

~much Joy~