Friday, September 19, 2014

Imitation is Flattery

The challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week  was "Favourite Artist" - to choose an artist and create a piece in their style. I have many favourite artists - most of the Group of Seven and the Impressionists.
But a new artist for me was highlighted on the Inspiration blog and I fell in love with his work. So this week I explored his work and learned more about him.

Jose Manuel Merello 

Merello was born in Madrid in 1960. He studied the Masters and is mostly self taught. His paintings are very Spanish and full of colour and line. They are so exuberant, full of energy. His paintings are exhibited all over Europe and the States.

Two o my favourite paintings of his are:  (Paintings are from his website - great place to visit!)

"Horses in Red"

"Woman With Hearts"

I decided to do a horse. I started with a collaged background with papers, then painted with 
red/yellow/orange. (Sorry - I did not take pictures along the way - was so involved in a number 
of things)
I tried oil pastels to highlight the horse - didn't work. Then painted and highlighted and just 
played with line and colour.  Although it doesn't match the vision I had, I had fun with it. 
Here is the result:

I plan to go back into it again to lighten the blue and add brighter sections in the horse. Or start 

again  - lol.

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Maggie said...

I love this expressive horse! He looks very Spanish and it's a great tribute to Merello's work. He is one of my favorite artists which is why I included one of his pieces in the IA post. I've found that his style is really hard to looks simpler than it is.
Well done! If you do anything more to the horse, I'd love to see what you did!