Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 5 - September Daily Blogging

Karissa of "A Fresh Start on a Budget" is hosting an interesting challenge - blogging every day in September, by responding to prompts

Today's question: What is your favorite book? Why?

As someone who loves to read, and usually has several books on the go, this is a challenging question. There are so many books I have loved, for different reasons.
The only problem with reading quickly, is that you are finished too soon!

I have just finished reading a trio of books I loved.

"Ragged Company" by Richard Wagamese
An excellent read about how 4 homeless people's lives are changed by winning a lottery.
This book is the "One Book One Community" for our region.

"How the Light Gets In"  by Louise Penny
This is book 9 of her Inspector Gamache mystery series and it keeps getting better.

"The Silver Star"  by Jeanette Wells
Two sisters are left by their mother and move across country to live with their uncle.

But there are so many other books I have enjoyed. I use Goodreads now to keep track of my books. I try to take part in book challenges, but sometimes these limit what I want to read. I never know what mood I will be in and what book I will want to read next.
I try to read both fiction and non-fiction and usually have several of both on the go.
But I collect books - and have a huge TBR (to be read!) pile. But hopefully now I will have more time to catch up and read.

Some of the books I am reading for a healthier makeover.


Unknown said...

wow i could never even read two at a time i would be so lost im impressed you go girl

Unknown said...

I often read a couple of books at a time too, I passed this trait on to my kiddo...drives my hubby BONKERS! hahaha

Unknown said...

I used to always have 2 or three books going at a time. Just depended on my mood which I would be reading. I always kept a stack of books in my car, just in case. Now I use my Nook so it is loaded with all kinds of books. I do read fiction and non-fiction.

Wheat Belly really opened my eyes to the current food supply. It was the reason I quit eating wheat.

Angel The Alien said...

I actually just finished reading The Silver Star. I bought it after I read the first chapter of it in Good Housekeeping or some similar magazine. I liked it... but I thought the ending was sort of inconclusive!

Becca said...

I could probably be helped me all of those books in your tbr pile. :/

Angelina | Lace Up. Lets Go. said...

I've never used Goodreads. I've had invites, just never bothered. You really make it sound like something worth looking into.