Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

This was my first week of summer holidays yet I spent 4 days at school sorting, tossing, packing, cleaning and then bringing some stuff home each day. 36 years of teaching materials means a lot of stuff if you are a collector. I did sell some books but have many more to sell! I hope to have a yard sale the end of the month. It is so hard to let go of units and lesson materials you have used. I threw out so many things. But it must be done. I will probably be at school a couple more days next week.
Then I still have more work at home - to sort and toss materials at home.

I did get a bit of art done. The daily ICADs (through Daisy Yellow) are a fun diversion and I have been working on my Stamp carving course this week, so some of my cards used stamps I carve. Still need a lot of practice tho.


July 3 - flowers from a stencil on the gelli plate

July 4 -carved flower stamp - stamped on gelli paper

July 5  carved stamps

July 6 - carved heart stamp, on gelli paper  in honour of our 11th anniversary

July 7  carved horse stamp - in honour of the Queen's Plate in Toronto - which we attended and enjoyed.

Paper Traders Challenge

I finally completed the challenge for Paper Traders - "Do the Right Thing", using a tag.

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morning prayer blog said...

Congratulations! On to another phase of your life. Best of luck.

Monique said...

Looks like you've been really busy. Your stamps look great.

Tracy said...

That horse stamp is wonderful! Love it :)

Amy Putkonen said...

Must be a challenge to get rid of all that stuff you've collected. If you want some help, a great book called Unstuff Your Life is phenomenal for helping shed stuff. Visiting from GIT. Enjoyed your stamps!

Anonymous said...

Nice cards. I esp. like the horse
Gabriele 13

Tammy N said...

Great projects!

Ariel said...

Love your stamps and hope you get to sell and sort everything soon.

Anonymous said...

Your stamps look great! I like the horse especially...
Have fun sorting & tossing :)

Salla said...

I really like the stamps you carved! Makes me want to try, too.

And congrats for the new phase in your life. I'm sure you continue to be super busy with your art, and of course with getting rid of the stuff you no longer need! That's not easy, I can tell, as I'm quite a collector myself! But for me, it helps to think that the space you empty is for something new and great to come. All the best to you!

storybeader said...

great gelli plate and stamp combo! {:-Deb