Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

IMy new computer arrived yesterday and I am liking the greater sopeed but I am missing many of the features of my old computer. It will take time I guess.

This week I worked on cards for two swaps:

Backgrounds done mostly with acrylic paint

The other fun project was the printmaking I did with my Grade 3s. We have been studying the Inuit of northern Canada and were looking at how their prints were created.
For the plates they used, we used sturofoam plates( with the rims cut off). The children used pencils to carve a scene, inked their plates and then printed on both plain and construction paper. We all had a fun time with that on Friday.
We are doing more printmaking next week, now that they know the process. I will share some of their work next week.
Have a wonderful week!

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