Friday, November 9, 2018

Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge 2019

I plan to participate in this reading challenge again in 2019. I enjoyed it immensely, especially finding a book that would fit one of the key words each month. I used books on my kindle to search for titles and it made it a bot easier (as well as lots of choices)
The challenge is being hosted at "My Reader's Block".

Here are the guidelines.
*The challenge runs from January 1 to December 31st, 2019. You may sign-up at any time until November 1, 2019. But to complete the challenge you will need to read (or have already read) books with keywords from any months missed by the time of sign-up. 

*The object is to read one book each month--ideally during that month. However, I know that life can get in the way and some folks may not see this challenge until a couple (or several) months have gone by. So, if you get behind or if you sign up later in 2019, you are welcome to post any catch-up reads while the most current month's linky is open. Just be sure to identify your post appropriately. For instance, if posting January's key word (at any time): Bev (Why Didn't They Ask Evans?) January.

*However, our time machine only works one way--to the past. Please do not read ahead and post books for future key words until that month's linky is up or later.

*Key words may be tweaked. If the key word is dance, you may use dancing or danced. You may also be more creative and use "tango" or "ballet" or "waltz."

*Link up below to participate. I will also post a new headquarters site by the beginning of January where this original post and the monthly review links will be housed.

*No blog? No problem! If you have a Goodreads/Library Thing shelf or other link to post, you should be able to link that as well. You may also just add a comment telling me you'll be participating. When the monthly review post goes up, you may then comment with your book and keyword.