Sunday, April 5, 2015

Full Pink Moon Dreamboard

I used to create full moon dreamboards regularly for several years and found them a way to look to the month ahead. I still create a dreamboard for each new season.
Jamie Ridler hosts the creations of dreamboards and much information to create them

This month I decided I needed to renew this tradition - to focus on the questions as I pulled phrases, words and pictures and then create a dreamboard.April 4th was the Full Mink Moon.

This month I focused on these questions:

What dreams need tending?   What is stirring in your heart?

This is the board I created:

Bloom is my OLW and after a webinar last night on Maya Angelou the phrase "Dream Big" kept playing in my mind. It made it to the dreamboard. I aim to write and create daily.

I need to embrace healthy habits and dance more. But I must embrace or seize the day - carpe diem!

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Deniz Bevan said...

I love the idea of a dreamboard!

Trisha said...

Awesome - that would be inspiring to look at anytime you're feeling stuck!