Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Today is time to share what's on your worktable at the "Stamping Ground".
Last night I finally added a second layer to the backgrounds I began last week. It is such fun to play with paints and stencils. Here's my table this morning - after I left everything to dry. Now I just have to gather and tidy and put paints away!


Sharon Madson said...

Your prints are so pretty! I really enjoy playing with stenils and paints, but so messy! :) Thanks for the peek. #78

moongirl said...

I love the stamping and the different tones you have added. I will have to try this. Fun!

Laura said...

I recognise that Balzer stencil. Great work.
Happy Thursday! (sorry I'm late)

April said...

Such cool backgrounds. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
April #68

Chrysalis said...

Some lovely colour work going on there, Bev - looking forward to seeing the finished projects. Have a great crafting week, Chris # 7

Patrink said...

Hi there and nice to meet you. I am new and getting acquainted with people and process. I appreciate your sharing.

Pat #83

Lisca said...

The colours and the patterns make really nice back grounds. I look forward to see what you make with them.
Sorry I'm so late but I take my time. I love reading through the blogs and looking at the photos etc. I take all week to get through everybody's blog.
CU Wednesday, God willing,