Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday

After several years of observing first robins and then a dove family nest on our porch on our ladder, last year we had no bird visitors.
 This week, we were surprised then to see doves move in and start building a nest. This time though, they chose the bottom floor  - the lower level of the ladder. It is more exposed than the upper level, but the doves seem less worried about that.

I took some photos of the pair and their nest and was pleased/surprised to see some faint shadows.

After the first day:


Be sure to visit here to see shadows from around the world. Once you've started shooting shadows, you're hooked!


Gillena Cox said...

i have had some nest in my West Indian Cherry Tree, but was never quiet enough to photo them

have a nice weekend

much love...

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

How exciting to see a nest taking shape!

Expectant Trip through Shadows

Linda B said...

Love the pics, Beverley. It will be fun to watch how it grows & changes!

Ralph said...

We have to love these doves - like all birds in Spring, they become so industrious in the pursuit of building a nest to house and protect their babies. And I am happy that they have made such progress on it. A heartwarming look at one of the wonders of the Spring season :)

Unknown said...

What fantastic pictures! I love that the birds are nesting there.