Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ABC Wednesday - Q is for Quilt

This week at ABC Wednesday, it is time for Q.
I had just received some new papers a few days ago and one sheet had a quilt design, so of course -
 Q is for Quilt.

There is so much artistry in quilts - I am always amazed at the beautiful work that quilters create.
The Mennonites from the St. Jacob area near Waterloo, hold an amazing auction every May for the MCC - to raise money for their international aid work. The quilts for sale there sell for hundreds of dollars - they are always sought after.

For this week's ATC, I took the quote:

"Our  lives  are  like  quilts  – bits  and  pieces, Joy  and  sorrow,  stitched  with  love"
and used the quilt background to create this ATC:

Be sure to check here for how  other participants highlight Q.


Hildred said...

Great choice for Q - in my next life I'm going to be a quilter!!!!

Roger Owen Green said...

There's a woman in church who makes quilts. She made one for our daughter when she was a baby *she's 9 now* and we'll keep it forever.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Linda B said...

Definitely a good quote and collage! I have lots of family quilts & treasure each one. Have you heard of the quilts at Gee's Bend? And there is a lovely middle grade book titled Leaving Gee's Bend, by Irene Latham you might enjoy.

Ann said...

I have some treasured quilts handed down to me. I really don't have the patience to make them though.

Salla said...

Beautiful card and lovly quote -I'll write it down for later use, being a quilter myself.

Unknown said...

Lovely quote; I so admire quilters. It takes creativity, patience and skill to make a beautiful quilt.