Thursday, April 4, 2013


This could be a description of me! I love making collages.Tonight, before I got into school work and marking, I created 2 collages. I needed to get into the cut and paste mode.

For "Collage Obsession's"  theme "Cities" I created this piece, based on the background of Ted Harrison, a wonderful Canadian artist who created beautiful coloured skies of the Yukon. He wrote and illustrated many books for children.
I used pastels for the sky - something I have done with my class. These always turn out well.

The second collage was inspired by Gretchen of Creativity in Motion.
She had created a top ten list of "stuff I love to glue and add"  to her collage work. I loved the idea and so I made my own Top 10 List. There are many more that could have been added but these are my favourites.

Here's the list:
1. Papers of all kinds. I am obsessed lately with gelli print papers, but I love handmade papers and any special papers I can find. I have been taking part in the past few weeks with paper  swaps through ATCsForAll. What fun these are - you never know what kind of papers you will get.

2. Used stamps and envelopes - there are so many different patterns on the inside of used envelopes. They make great backgrounds.

3. Vintage images

4. Quotes and words

5. Hearts

6. Pages from old books, music books and dictionaries

7. Butterflies

8. Photos

9. Odds and ends - anything paper - ticket stubs, stickers, playing cards, greeting cards, etc.

10. Images from magazines - I use these a lot in my dreamboards.

March's Canvas

I am almost finished the  small canvas for March.
 I started work on it Good Friday. I knew what I wanted and tried to highlight the Resurrection - my vision did not quite result in the piece below. I  am reasonably happy with the intent. although.

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Anonymous said...

The message of Easter comes through in this art. Lovely.xx

Linda B said...

Nice to see, Beverley & the list of possibles. It's neat that you exchange papers with people. I imagine that is fun!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful collages ~ it comes through that you love to do this type of art ~ lovely design, composition and colors ~ Enjoy ^_^

Cindi ASHBECK said...

The cross. What a ever present reminder. Lovely! My first visit to your blog. So nice to meet you :) Visiting from Studio JRU

Anonymous said...

Love your list of 10, fun collage and your pastel sky is beautiful. Happy PPF. xox

Netty said...

Love your fab Easter artwork. Happy PPF, Annette x

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Happy PPF--especially love the city collage and the Easter cross--really nice!

Jez said...

Visiting from Collage Obsession. I love your collage, with that gorgeous sky. It's like a beautiful sunset over the city.

Jez said...

Visiting from Collage Obsession. I love your collage, with that gorgeous sky. It's like a beautiful sunset over the city.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

i love the city skyline... so pretty! and what a fun top ten list! love the cross with the butterfly. :)

bellefrogworks said...

City skyline is wonderful. Love the colorful background. The painting is lovely - an inspiration to think of the resurrected Christ. HPPF