Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Tree of Intentions

Happy first day of fall! Our trees are not yet in full colour but the leaves have started to turn.

Today I decided to return to a practice I have done several times - creating a fall tree of intention. The dreamboards I've done have been beneficial and fun to do. This seasonal tree helps me focus on what intentions I have for the coming season.

The six branches hold the following categories:
Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Career, Healthy Living, and Creative.
Each leaf holds an intention for the coming three months. Some are very specific while others were more general.
I also included my word(s) of the year "Carpe Diem" as well as two quotes from my last dreamboard:
"Make the most of my journey" and "Life is a special occasion."


Juliann in WA said...

I very much like this idea
Thanks for posting

Linda B said...

This is really nice to see, Beverley, & obviously hopeful for you in the next three months. Happy Autumn to you!

Emma said...

I love 'life is a special occasion', a good one ;)Our trees are just turning now, surprised we have any left after the 2 days of strong wind!

creativechai said...

Beautiful! I love the idea of a tree of intention.