Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

There are two ways to take shadows - deliberately, which is the most fun ; or accidentally, which at times is hard to prevent.

Shadow chasers love the hunt for shadows - they can be found in so many places.

With the cloudy, rainy weather this week I did not even try to find shadows. I was tracking the robins this week though and when I was looking at the photos, there were shadows there, but very subtle ones.

These little birds finally flew the coop so to speak. I was trying to take a few shots ,

when all of a sudden they all took off at once. I'm surprised I didn't drop the camera! I followed one of them as it hopped and flew to the road. I veered it back on the grass.

A passing lady, with 3 dogs, said to use a bucket and put it back in the nest.

I was successful with that one but could not get the other one I saw. He had flown into the blue box but when I tried to capture him, he flew out and away.

This morning the bird I put in the nest was gone as well.

I know they do grow and leave, but I thought they were too young yet.

Be sure to visit the great shadow chasers at Hey Harriet, that super fun meme started by Tracy.

Happy Victoria Day weekend to my fellow Canadians! Enjoy the 3 day holiday!


Quilt Works said...

AAAWWW - so cute when they are babies!

Sylvia K said...

Love those cute little guys! How sweet! Hope you have a great weekend, Bev!


Ralph said...

The baby birds are so much like our children - they want to 'leave the nest' ASAP, yet as parents, we hope not too soon. Wonderful captures of the new lives they are beginning!

Sarah said...

They are so sweet!

Kay L. Davies said...

It's so easy to get to love them, and to be sad when they leave, isn't it? They're so cute. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Chubskulit Rose said...

I experienced the same with the baby robins at our back porch last year.

Shadow shots on a relaxing walk, have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

So cute! The story too. :)

Cassie said...

I hated it when my little human bird flew the nest...but it was bound to happen. Happy Victoria Day weekend to you and SSS too!

Emma said...

Oh, what sweet little things! I can hear Great Tits in the box on the shed.

Leone said...

Thanks for sharing this great story and the photos. They sure hatch and grow up fast don't they.
Hope you are having a great weekend. Take care.