Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My 101 Things in 1001 Days

I was fascinated by the idea of creating a list of achievable goals that could be accomplished in a longer span of time. 1001 days is neither too long nor too short.
I created my list and began the task of working through those goals on February 13, with the finish date of 11/11/11 ( a real symmetry to that date).

My list:
1. Go somewhere special each seaon with my love. (1st trip taken Feb. 16/09)
2. Lose 20 lbs.
3. Write a short story and submit it for publication.
4. Write at least 10 letters to the editor. (1 down - 9 to go)
5. Move my body for 30 minutes 3 times a week. (Slow getting started!!)
6. Revise our wills.
7. Create and fill an art journal.
8. Walk a labyrinth.
9. Read the Bible from beginning to end.
10. Create a scrapbook of Mom and Dad.
11. Make a cookbook of Mom's recipes for everyone.
12. Organize our photos.
13. Create a wall of photos.
14. Create a blog and post weekly. (Have accomplished the first part - yeah! March 17/09)
15. Start and use a gratitude journal daily. (Have started)
16. Identify at least 25 things I like about myself.
17. Identify at least 50 things that make me happy.
18. Paint a large canvas.
19. Reorganize my craft area.
20. Create a studio.
21. Visit BC again.
22. Go to Newfoundland and Maine.
23. Choose 1 month and take pictures every day.
24. Choose 1 month and create a collage every day.
25. Learn how to use photoshop.
26. Find a mentor.
27. Design a business card and get it printed.
28. Get an article published.
29. Start work on a book.
30. Get my advanced degree from Nipissing.
31. Get my Visual Arts Specialist.
32. Get my Primary Specialist.
33. Get my Reading Specialist.
34. Learn a new craft or medium.
35. Make a vision board. (First step - collecting words and images)
36. Give 10 "just because" gifts.
37. Celebrate Earth Hour annually.
38. Reduce my carbon footprint.
39. Adopt a family every Christmas.
40. Learn at least 1 piece well on the piano.
41. Learn to play small drums and join a drumming circle.
42. Learn to dry felt.
43. Improve my French.
44. Plant a tree.
45. Plant sunflowers.
46. Work with gourds.
47. Bake bread at least 5 times.
48. Crochet for Charity.
49. Perform weekly acts of charity. (This one has been good to do)
50. Improve as a teacher.
51. Run a craft club at school.
52. Organize all my teaching files and books.
53. Learn to meditate.
54. Master 25 new recipes.
55. Take an online art course. (Have started media collage)
56. Make a quilt.
57. Read at least 101 books. (2 read)
58. Write a bucket list.
59. Plan for retirement.
60. Reorganize the garden.
61. Volunteer with an organization.
62. Learn how to use the computer better.
63. Design a new kitchen.
64. Work on our family tree.
65. Finish the afghans.
66. Take part in an arts and craft show.
67. Declutter. Simplify.
68. Make a digital album of our trips.
69. Find ways to make more money.
70. Face a fear.
71. Create a great piece of jewellry.
72. Make hearts to give away.
73. Do something special with my wedding dress.
74. Listen to 101 songs by artists I've never heard. (I'm enjoying allsorts of music at different blogs)
75. Go to a gallery/museum or art show once a month.
76. Compliment one person each day, even if it is just myself.
77. Learn to use the sewing machine properly.
78. Watch the top 10 films of all times.
79. Do something to help others at least once a month (more than an act of kindness).
80. Photograph the things that make me happy and make a collage.
81. Try at least 5 foods I've never tried before.
82. Sell something on EBay.
83. Read 10 biographies or autobiographies.
84. Identify 3 bad habits and work on getting rid of them.
85. Go for a walk several times a week.
86. Use a slow cooker at least 2 times a month.
87. Give blood.
88. Put aside $1 for each thing accomplished. Donate to a worthy cause.
89. Tell my husband I love him every day. (Yes! yes! yes!)
90. Try 5 different restaurants we haven't tried before.
91. Write family and friends more frequently.
92. Write a letter to my children to be opened when they are 30.
93. Write 101 comments on other people's blogs.
94. Watch all of the AFI's 100 Best Films.
95. Read at least 10 non-fiction books.
96. Listen to 101 albums of the "1000 Albums you should hear before you die".
97. Follow the "Fly Lady" for 1 month.
98. Write a poem.
99. Send 101 cards or postcards "just because".
100. Watch whales.
101. Save for something spectacular.


Kathryn Costa said...

Your list is well rounded and it looks like they touch every sense: hearing, touching, seeing, etc. I love lists and mine has been a great resource for things to do. Did you have a hard time coming up with 101? It took me about a week to come up with my list.

Beverley Baird said...

Thanks Kathryn. The list did take a while to create. I read a few - including yours! I tried to have as many different areas. It has been quite therapeutic. I could not seem to get past the grief and this helped to look into the future and make plans.