Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sky Watch Friday

Time to share our skies for Sky Watch Friday. The past couple of days with temperatures soaring (almost 30C each day) the skies have been a boring blue. Nice to see but oh so undramatic.
A few days ago there was a bit more drama to see:

and here are some favourite clouds from a few weeks ago:

Be sure to check here to see clouds from around the world.

Other Photo Challenges

At "Little Things Thursday" the challenge is to share those little things that mean so much.
I love zooming in on textured wood and objects. Here are a couple of shots of peeling paint:

Love the curling vine from our squash plant as well

The theme at Thursday Challenge is Clothes. I had already posted to the theme last week but am redoing it with a different photo.

How about a horse wearing clothes? In the hallway at "The Saratogian" in Saratoga Springs.

The theme at "Theme Thursday" is NIGHT.
For me, the night sky and fireworks go hand in hand. Here are a couple of shots from the fireworks at Lake George:


betty-NZ said...

I love the 'little things' photos a lot. I have to agree about the great textures being lovely things. The vine curl is cute as can be!

Lea said...

Love the second sky shot!
Have a great day!

fredamans said...

Lovely fireworks!

kissed by an angel said...

I love the the sky picture with the fabulous clouds a lot!!!

Kim said...

That peeling paint is begging for me to take a tug! I never could resist it.