Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Wrap-up - Giveaway, Postcards, calendar, photos

It has been awhile since I posted a Sunday Wrap-up. Sundays seem to have gotten busier lately, usually trying to complete schoolwork Sunday evenings.

But I have had a creative week -finally! I took part in I-Hanna's Postcard Swap and mailed the 10 postcards off this week. I had fun creating them, playing around with paper, paint, stamping and collage.

The backgrounds were mostly subdued colours to represent the dullness of late winter, with just a touch of pink to represent the promise of spring to come.

Then yellow and green were rolled on to represent the coming of spring.

I added photos and stamping, as well as a quote to complete the postcard. Here are a few of my favourites:


Calendar Challenge
I finally finished the April calendar for "The Kathryn's Wheel" calendar challenge.

March was partly filled in. I hope to do better this month!

Spring has finally sprung! Warmer weather, robins and crocuses were all signs this week!

Our gardens are blooming with yellow and purple crocuses:

Our robin has returned to nest on the big ladder on our back porch. Here is a first look at the nest - a day's worth of work! It wasn't there yesterday when we left at noon. Today it was!

500th + Post and Giveaway

This marks my 500th + post! I have also passed my second year blogversary! Hard to believe. As I looked back on my very first post in March 2011, I realized that I have achieved what I set out to do and as well, have added so much in the way of creativity, community and challenge to my life. I look forward to so much more in the year to come.

I have "met" so many wonderful bloggers and admired their work from afar. I have taken courses, responded to challenges and created my own challenges. I may not have completed all of them, but they were so enjoyable. Art has become more central to my life and I want to keep learning and doing.

To thank those who visit and who I visit, for their support and kindness, I am hosting a giveaway! Leave a comment below for your chance to win!

I will draw winning names on the evening of Easter Sunday! Be sure to leave a way to get in touch!

I will be giving away 2 postcards similar to the above, as well as 3 ATCs. If more than 50 leave a comment, I will add more cards to the giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Ooh - I'd love to have one of your postcards! Please enter me for your drawing :)


Kristin said...

Beautiful! Thank you for your sweet visit and for the opportunity to be a part of YOUR giveaway too! How cool is that?! Congrats on your 500 post! xo

Leone said...

Great postcards and nice to see you have your calendar done for April. I just finished my April one today. I have been stopping by and enjoying your photos. It must be hard to get the creative time in with all your schoolwork. Hope the rest of this year full of fun creativity.

Leone said...

Thanks for sharing the photo the nest as well. What a thrill to watch this bit of nature unfold. I saw a Robin the other day with a piece of straw in its mouth hopping off to build a nest.

maska said...

Yes it was fun.
Great postcard and nice to see your calender.
Hugs from Norway

Emma said...

500, wow! Count me in, these look gresat!

thekathrynwheel said...

Well done for keeping up with the calendar challenge so far. April looks great ( although I hope it doesn't rain too much!)

Unknown said...

Nice raindrops on your April calendar. Better late than never !Well done with all that blogging. I would love an ATC for my colleciton (or anything else).

Lis said...

Love your cards! Such great images and quotes. I have received about half of my cards from the swap ... so interesting to see the different styles!

You always amaze me with all that you do! Aren't you further north than me? How is it you have such beautiful flowers already! Oh, guess the rabbits (who are as big as housecats) have been eating ours!

xo Lis

Mandy said...

blogging has done exactly the same for me too..its a great thing isn't it...would love to be included in your giveaway....i have a link to my blog on my name i believe, just in case i am the lucky

Anash said...

Thanks for this splendid giveaway. these look so clever and impressive!
anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

Unknown said...

Fun to see your cards, thanks for sharing. Congratulation on your anniversary!


Unknown said...

Congratulations on your 500th post and all that you have accomplished since beginning to blog. It was fun to read all that you have done.

Hey Harriet said...

Congrats on your 500th post! What a generous way to celebrate!