Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A First - Still a few left at My Age!!

My first identity was as Bunny and John's daughter. I am an orphan now. I lost my Mom last May; my father 36 years ago. My mother's influence is still very strong. Hence the title - a homage to her.

I always said that when I grew up I wanted to be a teacher, writer or an artist. I have written, I am a teacher, but I have only dabbled in art. Well, at 57 - when will I be grown up and be an artist- if not now?

I have been following The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women blog, hosted by Jamie Ridler.
All the advice points to "Just do it. Create.".
So "do it" I will.
My first step was to create my "101 Things in 1001 Days" list. I want to challenge myself to try new things and be creative.
My second step was to start a media collage online course. More on that later.
My bravest step thus far though, is the creation of this blog, to put myself on the line.
My goal is to explore my adventures in art, education and life. .
Join me in my explorations.


Kathryn Costa said...

Welcome to blogland! I am honored to be the first person to officially welcome you. It is neat as we are coming up on my first year blog anniversary. It really has made a difference in my life in ways I had not expected. You'll make so many wonderful connections. {soul hugs} kathryn

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathryn. That means alot. It was really following your blog and many of the others through "12 Secrets" that got me motivated to do this.