Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Award and Some Tidbits About Me

I've been awarded the MeMe Award by the wonderful Mel, creator of "From Clutter to Shine". Thank you sooooo much for the lovely, kind words and the chance to share some tidbits about myself.

The rules of this award are twofold:
1. Share 7 tidbits about yourself.

2. Share this MeMe Blog Award with 7 blogger friends.

As we put our posts out into blogland, we don't tend to reveal a lot about ourselves.
So here goes:

1. I have been to every province but 1 (and that is Newfoundland) and all but 1 territory (Nunavit).

2. I have lived in (in the order I lived there) , Manitoba (where I was born), Quebec, Ontario, Northwest Territories, back to Ontario, Alberta, and now I am back in Ontario.

3. I have walked on the ocean - okay it was frozen - while teaching in the N.W.T. This was at Tuktoyuktuk and it was on the Arctic Ocean.

4. I have a cat named Fluffy, who is 17 and still very active. She is just the last in a long line of pets (cats, dogs, gerbils, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, fish, skinks, lizards - and there were probably others!)

5. I remaried at 50 and got to wear the beautiful bridal gown I never wore first time around. I felt like a princess.

6. I donated a kidney to my husband - he had been on dialysis for a year and a half and that is not a quality life. Be sure to sign your donor card!

7. I'm afraid of heights, close quarters, but especially of driving on highways.

Now I would like to pass this award on to these special women:

1. Sylvia of "From Over the Hill". She has inspired me through many of her posts. I look forward especially to her "Evening, Wisdom and Beauty" posts.
2. Grammy, who has just started a new blog for the Wrecking Sisters. Instead of just talking about it, she did it. Thanks Grammy.
3. Michelle Normand of "My Life on the xyz List", for her fabulous mandalas and inspiration.
4. Holly, who always is so very supportive of all who take part in Wishcast Wednesday. Thanks for your special thoughts.
5. Sema of "Affirmart", who has inspired me and many others.
6. Sarah, of "Cottage Garden Studio", whose thoughtful posts are a must read.
7. Kim, of "Imonkation" , whose "5 Things" should inspire others.
There were so many others to choose from - many already had the award - thanks to all who take the time to share their thoughts, feelings and beliefs on their blogs. I hope we can all stop by!
Be sure to check out all these ladies!


Holly said...

Dear Miss Beverly!

How very kind of you. I'm honored, and if I make you feel supported while you blog and find your way through the world, as a fellow traveler, I'm very honored.

Imagine being able to give your beloved such a gift! That's truly wonderful.

Here's to learning more about us, the small things and the large...

Hope you have a great weekend.

Grammy said...

You are just amazing. What a wonderful gift of life you were able to share.

I am very honored you thought of me too.
With awards it is too hard for me to choose. As I believe every one is wonderful.

Lawendula said...

Beverly, you are in the One tribe-one heart Project, I've sent you a mail three days ago- please check out!!!

Kim said...

Oh Beverly THANK YOU!! I'm so honored. And thank you for being so supportive and making me feel so welcome! I'm leaving town for an extented period of time today (eek) but I will try my best to pass along the award to keep the circle of friendship and support going!

sema said...

Thank you Beverly for the award.I feel honored to be given this award by a wonderful person like you.
I will pass the award to other inspiring bloggers soon,

septembermom said...

It's great to learn more about you. Congrats to you and the other recipients. So cool that you "walked" on the ocean.

Mandala Michelle said...

Thank you Bev! I will come back and pick up my award later in the week. I really appreciate it! [[[hugs]]]