Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ABC Wednesday and WOYWW

This week the letter N is our focus at ABC Wednesday.

N is for numbers

Here are stickers and foam letters that I used to create a journal page. Numbers are everywhere and necessary. I just had some fun with them, rather than work on my taxes or balance my chequebook!


Each week at "Stamping Ground" bloggers from all around the world share their workspaces, where they create. WOYWW is hosted by Julia and is such a fun meme.

This morning I created a background

and then used the numbers shown above to create a journal page. I stamped,used a stencil and added stickers.Just played really.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ABC Wednesday and WOYWW

This week at ABC Wednesday our letter of interest is M.

M is for markers - those fun art tools for adding colour. There are so many different kinds but my favourites are sharpies. Not only are they permanent colour, but they come in different sizes.

Bloom is my OLW for 2015 and I am starting a series of cards for quotes on the word. I created this first card with just markers.

The other cards are part of a challenge on gratitudes ( 30 Days of Gratitude) that I am taking part in. Each day I create a card and then list 5 things I am grateful for on the back.

Here are a couple that I used markers on:

For Apr. 6

For Apr. 7


As I created the cards this afternoon, I grabbed my camera and captured my dining room table where I was working on the cards. Sharing one's workspace is the weekly meme at "Stamping Ground", Julia's wonderful blog.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Full Pink Moon Dreamboard

I used to create full moon dreamboards regularly for several years and found them a way to look to the month ahead. I still create a dreamboard for each new season.
Jamie Ridler hosts the creations of dreamboards and much information to create them

This month I decided I needed to renew this tradition - to focus on the questions as I pulled phrases, words and pictures and then create a dreamboard.April 4th was the Full Mink Moon.

This month I focused on these questions:

What dreams need tending?   What is stirring in your heart?

This is the board I created:

Bloom is my OLW and after a webinar last night on Maya Angelou the phrase "Dream Big" kept playing in my mind. It made it to the dreamboard. I aim to write and create daily.

I need to embrace healthy habits and dance more. But I must embrace or seize the day - carpe diem!

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday

This is Easter weekend and what better shadows than from lilies - in this case, Calla lilies.
Very delicate shadows to be sure, but lovely.

To those who celebrate Easter - Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


It's time once again to share our workspaces, the meme hosted by Julia at "Stamping Ground."
Stop by there - for a wonderful glimpse of art spaces from around the world.

Here is my work space on my dining room table. I created the backgrounds for these cards (gelli prints) last week and put several together tonight.

In the photo, I have finished two (at the top) and am working on several more.
I have a lot of used stamps - many of which are of famous people. I am taking part in the "A to Z Challenge" and my theme is art cards with quotes by famous people.. (Check here for my theme reveal - I will be sharing at my other blog)

Here are a few of my cards:

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ABC Wednesday - L

This week at ABC Wednesday the letter of focus is L.

L is for letters - the building block of words.

Here I have created a collage page of letters from different sources - stamps, stencil, peel-off.

Visit here to see what others from around the world chose for L.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday

I haven't participated in a few weeks - too many dreary days and few shadows. But today, even though it was colder, the sun was shining and I found shadows.

(Love the texture of the wood behind on this one)

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