Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A to Z Theme Reveal

Monday was the A to Z theme reveal for the April challenge. Over a thousand people take part in this yearly, daily challenge.
 have participated in the challenge several times now, with both writing and art themes. I had almost decided not to participate this year , but then today I got reminded at just how much I love carving stamps and thought it was time to return to it.

So-----   drumroll please:
 this round in April, I will be carving stamps and creating tags with them. I may include inspiring words - it will depend on the stamp. I just want to have fun with the creating and not feel too much pressure.

The A to Z Challenge takes place in April and is a daily challenge (except for Sundays), requiring one to create a post a day for each letter, moving through the alphabet.

The challenge begins Sunday April 1. (there's still time to sign up).
Looking forward to a fun month of creating and meeting new bloggers.

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