Wednesday, December 7, 2016

ABC Wednesday - V and WOYWW

This week at ABC Wednesday - V gets the nod.

With all the upheaval in the U.S., it seemed appropriate to focus on values - so
V is for Values - that are seemingly been lost - around the world.

I may not respect Ben Carson, but I do agree with this quote:

The Roman Empire was very, very much like us. They lost their moral core, their sense of values in terms of who they were. And after all of those things converged together, they just went right down the tubes very quickly.   Ben Carson

Be sure to check here to see what others around the world did for V.

Each week at "Stamping Ground", Julia Dunnit encourages us to share our work spaces and what we are creating.

Here's my work space on my dining room table after completely the art tag above.

Here's my work space after carving my new tag for the Carve December challenge

and here's the tag.


carol l mckenna said...

Couldn't agree more ~ Values are so important and it feels like the world is on a collision course ~ still hoping for the best ~ thanks,

Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^

Sharon said...

Beautiful tag. Love the cool blue colour.

Sharon K #21

Melody said...

Beautiful tag and choice for word at letter v.... we all should cherish and value right our values... do better where we can i guess to

Have a nice ABC-day / – Week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-team)

Joy said...

Clever stamp display. I've only seen the Statue of Liberty one before.

Roger Owen Green said...

Yeah, good quote. Of course, its interpretation may be in question.