Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 on 12-12-12

Today will be the last one of these for at least 89 years! 12-12-12 is for some a very magical day. Weddings are very popular today.
In my class today we held 12-12-12 day and had fun rewriting 12 days of Christmas (4 versions which we all performed) and writing about the future in 100 years (very interesting viewpoints from 7 and 8 year olds!)

While visiting Erin at "Treasures Found" , she shared a wonderful idea (from Brandie):
share a 12 posts from the year, one from each month. As she said:
"I think it is a good thing to go back and revisit where you have been. Not to get stuck in the past but to see with clearer vision where you have come from to assess where you would like to be going in the future."

So as a challenge, I decided to look back over the year and choose a post that had meaning for me for each month  (except for December - I have chosen 2 from May instead), that challenged or helped me along this year.

So here are my Top 12 of 2012, with thanks to Brandi  and  Erin for the concept!

January: Sunday Weekly Wrap-up - the first of the new year
February: another Sunday Weekly Wrap-up with some favourite ATCs

March: After an absence - in Mexico!

         Happy Mother's Day

June: Slice of Life Tuesday - My Dad

July: Slice of Life Tuesday - Decisions (| keep referring back to this!)

August: 10 for 10 - 10 of my Favourite Picture Books for starting the year

November: Full Frost Moon Dreamboard - looking ahead

It was a bit more of a challenge than I thought. I tried to have a variety, from some of the challenges I have done, as well as a focus on the art.


Linda B said...

I went back & read your July post, Beverley, & found that I had commented & actually said the same thing I'm going to say here: I love the Goodall quote (As Jane Goodall has said:
"We have a choice to use the gift of our life to make the world a better place - or not to bother.") & the poster. It's a good post, & I can see why you chose it. 12-12-12 was an amazing day to contemplate, wasn't it?

TesoriTrovati said...

It is harder to do than you would expect! As a former teacher myself (7th grade English) I love the posts you wrote about your class. Holding them in the palm of your hand when reading to them. And ways to improve your classroom. I eschewed the spelling text after my first year and developed my own spelling program. It was a lot more work but definitely more meaningful. Each week at the staff meeting I would ask the teachers for a few vocab words that they were studying. So in math it might be 'geometry' or in science it might be 'metamorphosis.' Then each week that was the list. They would still do sentences to show they could use them and understand them and the test would be on them so it would also help with their other classes. The first week I would do all the teacher and staff's names. Mr. Leutschwager the phy ed teacher was always the hardest! Thanks for joining in the Top 12 fun! I think Miss Brandi should do that as a hop each year! If she doesn't maybe I will! Enjoy the day. Erin