Monday, December 19, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

The list that never ends - what a lovely way to describe the list of what we are thankful for. These gifts that enrich our lives so often come from the heart and fill our lives with love and wonder.

This past week I am so thankful for:

81. all the Christmas cards with news from family and friends

82. hearing from all my children and making plans for Christmas

83. winning 2 giveaways - a book and a planner

84. a lovely supper together at East Side Mario's

85. still holding hands when we walk, after 10 years together

86. watching "It's a Wonderful Life" with my husband

87. celebrating the 2 oldest grandsons' birthdays on Saturday

88. sitting on the couch, looking at the tree all lit up, with our cat on my lap and Christmas music playing

89. feeling surrounded by angels when I drive the 30 min. to work each way, especially in iffy weather

90. being able to help others in need

Visit "A Holy Experience", for inspiration and for information.

1 comment:

glorygirl said...

Linking up after you :) Sounds like you had a lovely week! #85 is so sweet! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us! Have a merry Christmas spent close to the Lord Jesus!