Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sky Watch Friday

Skies - I am always amazed at the beauty of the different faces of the sky. From morning to late afternoon the skies were so changeable.

This poem speaks to that beauty and changing nature of the sky.

The Beauty of the Sky

by Ms. JStar

Sitting there watching the sky

Watching the clouds pass me by

The sky is a deep blue

You can get lost in the clouds for a few

Day dreaming that you are floating on the clouds

Just you, with no one else around

Watching the clouds take a defined form

Observing the sky getting dark for a storm

Fierce lighting blazing

Lying there gazing

In amazement of the sky’s different faces

Dreaming about different places

Watching the sky turn orange and red

As the sun sets while lying there in my bed

In the early morning

Noticing the clouds forming

The purple and blue sky is grabbing my attention

It is too beautiful not to mention

It is breath taking

(for the full version read here.)

Be sure to visit the wonderful skies of the skywatchers here.

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The Write Girl said...

Beautiful poem and gorgeous sky shot. I'm in awe! Happy Blogiversary as well!!

Hildred said...

Beautiful series of cloud pictures and a lovely relevant poem too.

Sylvia K said...

Gorgeous skies and beautiful words to match, Bev! The second shot is really awesome! A very Happy Blogiversary and may you have many more!! Hope you have a great weekend!


TheChieftess said...

Very dramatic skies!!!

Jeannette StG said...

The clouds are in the very right position in the 2nd and the last pic! Incredible!

J.Rylie.C said...

Beautiful shots!

I would be so happy if you could visit my Sky Watch at Kids e-Connection, thank you so much!

Leone said...

Beautiful pictures as usual. Have a great weekend!!