Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ABC Wednesday - G is for Gold Medal

Once again it is time to focus on letter of the week for ABC Wednesday. For me this week, G can only be Gold Medal!

The Olympics in Vancouver, on Canadian soil, was the most golden for Canada in a winter Olympics and for a host nation! 14 gold medals! Canadians all across Canada were glued to Tvs throughout the 17 days - I know I was. Many times I was close to tears - for the athlete's triumph over adversity (think Joannie Rochette's loss of her Mom), touching moments (Alex Bilodeau and his brother) or the playing of the National anthem.

I am proud to be Canadian and this Olympics really galvanized Canadians to show their pride - in uncharacteristic ways! I hope we can maintain it!

There were so many golden moments:

Alex Bilodeau with the gold for Men's Moguls.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (Gold in Ice Dance)

Sidney Crosby's overtime goal to win gold for Canada's hockey team.

There were so many special moments. Thank you Vancouver!
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Sylvia K said...

Great subject for the day! What beautiful medals! They were great games! Have a great week, Beverly!


Tumblewords: said...

I really enjoyed the games this year - an excellent post!

Jama said...

Congrats to the great athletes, we do get live telecasts daily here.

Stan Ski said...

Congratulations to Canada for a Great Games.

Hildred said...

Oh yes, it has been Great to be a Canadian - especially proud these last two weeks! Beautiful moments during the Games, - some poignant and some just plain happy. Like the smiles on the faces of the men's curling team!!!

jabblog said...

Well done, Canada! It's good that the hosts were so successful.

Kim, USA said...

Congratulations Canada!! I was glued to figure skating and I so love Tessa and Scott when they perform their moment. Happy Wednesday!

G is for Gold

Mara said...

Unfortunately the Americans ruined my chance of seeing that last goal: it was too late and I had to get up early the next morning! But I do want to congratulate you on that fantastic achievement! Gefeliciteerd!!! (which is Dutch for congratulations and starts with a g!)

Unknown said...

Gold is a good word for G! And considering the Olympics, also very timely.
Unfortunately, I had no time to follow the games on TV, so I am not sure who won what. Hope you are pleased with the results.
Best wishes

Roger Owen Green said...

The Canada-US hockey game was quite exciting. My daughter was disappointed, but it was such an even game.