Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SOL Tuesday

I have not participated for a while in Slice of Life Tuesdays. Today though, while reading Colby Sharp's SOL, I was struck at how similar our changes are. He had no desire really to leave his school - he loved teaching there and loved grade 3. But he made the decision to change schools and return to the school where he went as a child.
It is a difficult decision to leave a place where we love the children, our colleagues and just the teaching itself.
After 36 years in education, I finally made the decision to retire. I am not moving to another school but leaving teaching. I am already missing it!
I am slowly getting rid of books and files and units. As I was going through 2 units today, I remembered when I had done different activities with a class and the excitement of books read and crafts made.
I envy Colby in a way - the excitement of new beginnings, of returning to the classroom. He has many changes in store but his teaching background will hold him in good stead.
I know there is life after retirement - I just have to focus on what I want to accomplish and where my heart leads me.
Last night was the full thunder/buck moon and each full moon.  I create a dreamboard  every month on the full moon to help clarify my dreams. As I looked at last year's I discovered I had realized all the dreams I  had listed - I had written a children's book, I have retired and I have been creating. So. I know dreams can come true.

So on to new beginnings and big dreams!


Linda B said...

When I took time off from teaching to stay home with my children, I still remember feeling rather adrift. After a while, I began doing some other things, like more time for crafts, sewing for the kids, etc. I think your art holds much for you, Beverley. I love what you do, so now maybe a specific goal will get you past September? Teachers just don't get rid of that 'getting ready' feeling right away, do they?

Colby Sharp said...

Beautiful post.

Ramona said...

A wonderful time of new beginnings for you. Enjoy this time to listen to your heart.

The Furry Gnome said...

Beverley, good luck with your new beginnings! I'm also retired from teaching, and have never looked back. My challenge is getting too busy, like I always did, while some health issues are telling me to slow down and pace myself. On the one hand a routine is very helpful for dealing with some of the things that need doing, leaving me to be creative the rest of the time, with writing and photography too.

Anonymous said...

You will find new ways to fill your time quickly, I am sure. Enjoy every minute.

Anonymous said...

You will find new ways to fill your time quickly, I am sure. Enjoy every minute.

Kristen Kilpatrick said...

Congratulations on 36 years of teaching. Change can be scary, but enjoy the pursuits of continued learning.