Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Goodbye Fluffy

Goodbye dear Fluffy. I cannot believe you are gone. You have been such a wonderful part of our lives for so long.
We have had you for 20 years - you have had 9 lives for sure.
I remember when we got you - for 25c, from a local farm. You were only 5 weeks old and you had a tough time at first separating from your mom. You suckled on my crocheted afghans for a long time.
You also could not stop climbing screens when you wanted to come in. I don't know how many we had to replace. You were a great mouser, although you did like the odd chipmunk.
In the last few years,  since your special girl moved out, you had finally come to sit on our laps as we watched TV.
 You also were a wonderful alarm clock - heaven forbid if we slept in. We could hear your meows. I can just image you telling us to get moving and feed you!
You were also quite the guard cat. No matter which of our cars arrived home last, you were always there to welcome us home. Except today.
I am going to miss you so much (as will everyone in our family). You were such a lovely, ornery, special cat. So smart, so unique.
Goodbye Fluff.


Anonymous said...

I didn't want to read it, I knew I would cry. I think my daughter's cat Chloe must be related to Fluffy. It is so great you had Fluffy for so long, I am so sad for the day she was not there to welcome you- the way you wrote showed so clearly what a good pet she was to your family. "Lovely, ornery, special, so smart, so unique"-that's a great description.
She will always be in your heart.

Linda B said...

Oh my, you gave me a hint in my comment earlier, Beverley. I'm sorry about your cat. And glad you had him for so long. They do live a long time, so you are lucky. You wrote so beautifully in this post-clearly showing the love and lost feelings. Thank you for sharing.

Terje said...

This was a sad post. Even though you show understanding that Fluffy had a long life and describe her with a bit of humor, it comes through clear how much you loved your cat and how much this loss hurts. Beautiful tribute. I am sorry for your loss.

Judy said...

I can so relate to your loss. We had to put our cat down last year and it was so very hard to do. You wrote a wonderful tribute and my heart goes out to you and your family.

Ralph said...

We have lost kitties, and as family members, we mourn their loss. Their quirks and personality - your Fluffy was a special girl no matter that she was a dowager queen. So good looking, so much fun and so much love between her and her chosen family. So sorry, a sad loss of a being that will never be replaced in your hearts...

E Makes Art said...

awww....Bev, I'm so sorry for your loss. Sounds like Fluffy was wonderful and very loved. No wonder you haven't felt like blogging! Again, I'm sorry.