Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ABC Wednesday - U is for a Trio of Artists

Time once again for ABC Wednesday - the must-do, fun meme of playing with letters of the alphabet. We are almost at an end - U is our focus this week.

And what a challenge - there were so few "U" artists! I chose 3 - all unknown to me. So I learned a bit this week!

Maurice Utrillo -(1883-1955) was a French painter who specialized in cityscapes

Janice Udell - a Canadian painter, currently living and working in Newfoundland

Judas Ullulaq - (1937-99) - an Inuit sculptor

Be sure to visit the great participants here, to see their take on U!


Sylvia K said...

Great artists for the U Day! I always enjoy seeing you will have on your blog for ABC! It's always fun and I see old favorites and learn of some that I wasn't familiar with! Love it! Hope your week is going well, Bev!


Roger Owen Green said...

all UNKNOWN to be too; thanks for sharing!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Tumblewords: said...

Utrillo was the only one I recognized from this trio. Interesting post! Hard to believe we are almost at the end of the series and you've found an artist or more for each letter - amazing! Really enjoying it!

Leslie: said...

I think I like Utrillo's style the best. Great and unique idea for today...have a wonderful week! :D

photowannabe said...

Love seeing all these artists and their work. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Cheryl said...

Utrillro and Ullulaq I like. Not so sure about Udell. Thanks for your unique view from an artist's perspective.

jabblog said...

I know of Utrillo but hadn't heard of the others. I enjoy my weekly lesson from you:-)

ChrisJ said...

I like the work of Utrillo. I have never heard of any of these painters, which isn't surprising since I have studied very little in art history. I will have to look on the web and see what I can find because I would like to be able to see them close up.