Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ABC Wednesday - K is for Keys

ABC Wednesday is here again - this week the letter of the week is K.

K is for keys. Once I started thinking about the word, I realized the word key has many meanings and applications.

Here are a few:

* keys to open (and lock) doors

*latch key kids

*key to my heart

*keys to the city

*piano keys

*computer keys

*key play

Then there are those characters where keys play a role: Hrry Potter and Alice in Wonderland for example.

There are also many quotes that rely on "key" ( all quotes from here):

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photowannabe said...

I love all the original posts for the letter K today. Excellent and fun read.
My word verification today is ..ouchi...
Just gave me a smile.

Carol said...

Great K post...so many keys to think about. I love the quotes.

Sylvia K said...

Wonderful post for the K day, Beverly! And I love your quotes, too! Have a lovely week!


Leslie: said...

Wonderful quotes and a great post about the various conotations of the word! :D

Changnoi said...

I like to play music on my keyboard.

Stan Ski said...

Keys without locks; I like - Locks without keys frustrate me.

EG Wow said...

Like your K post!

Yes, the weather has been crazy here in Ontario. I'm looking forward to warmer weather but I don't want it to get too hot too fast. I'd like to have a long, long spring festooned with flowers.

Hildred and Charles said...

Love your quotes. So many different 'keys' when you stop to think, and all of them important.

Anonymous said...

I love how some posts really make a person think outside the box. Creative thinking!

Roger Owen Green said...

i was listening to Eric Klapton, er Clapton yesterday for his birthday. He does a cover of Key to the Highway, which is apropos.

Love the kwotes, er quotes.

KRamblin' Kwith KRoger (ABC team)

Marcee said...

Wonderful. Love the quotes, too.
Happy Wednesday!

K is for Kalanchoe

RuneE said...

That reminds me - where did I put the car keys? :-)

Nice post!

Gattina said...

Keys of course ! I haven't thought about them, although I spend most of my time with looking for them, lol !
Gattina from the ABC team

Tumblewords: said...

Keys. Wonderful quotes and thoughts. I have a jar of them with no lock in sight but I'm afraid to throw them away JUST in case. :) Great K's.

Tarun Mitra said...

and what about KEYman insurance :D

have a great day