Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Photo Share

Just what we need a bit of these days - HOPE. On a walk along the river this afternoon, I saw this graffiti - loved it.What a gorgeous day to be out for a walk - more like spring! We set a record here yesterday and today it was 10 C (about 50F). Sure doesn't feel like winter.- usually we are below zero, with lots of snow. Now it is all melting.

Had fun taking more photos than I have in a while - of shadows and skies and trees. Here are a few for the photo challenges I usually take part in:

Shadow Shot Sunday

Love these scrap metal sculptures - they sure make fun shadows.

Be sure to check here to see the shadows found by others around the world.

Sky Watch Friday


And earlier in the week:

Check here for beautiful skies from around the world.

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robin. said...

shadows all we wait for the snow to finally be gone!!!

ps....I also would like you to please consider joining me on Fridays for my just BE meme. I started this past Friday, I'm asking people to post a photo of something from the week that made them take pause, to be in the just BE. Hope to see you there. robin.