Thursday, March 28, 2013

SOL #28 - march 28th

Today is day 28 of the Slice of Life March, the writing challenge sponsored and run by Stacey and Ruth of "Two Writing Teachers".
There are only 3 days left. This month of writing is almost over - and I am actually ad to see it finish. There are some amazing people taking part. I will be going back to catch up on days I just could not read many posts.

Today I received the painting I won in the  "Paint Party Friday Auction to Benefit Sandy Hook Elementary School".
Not only is it an amazing painting by Kristin Dudish, but it was a very worthwhile auction. I know everyone was deeply effected by the deaths at Sandy Hook. As a teacher it still haunts me.
I joined the 26 RAK for Sandy Hook in February and still look for ways to support the community.
So, when I saw the auction advertised, I visited all the artists involved.

It was Kristin's painting "26 Hearts` that really moved me. On her website, she described the creation of her painting. in great detail. I loved that her 6 year old son Tyler even helped in its creation.

Over 4 days I kept checking and bidding up when I needed to. Then on the final night, I stayed up late to ensure I would win it. It was so nerve-racking as sometimes in an auction you miss by seconds. But I was the highest bidder and today I actually have it hanging on my wall. Kristin sent a few other special things as well. Thank you Kristin and Tyler!
I feel very blessed.


Pat Holloway said...

I'm so glad you have such a treasure. The tragedy touched the entire nation. The schools I visit have certainly increased their security. I felt odd, the situation surreal when I visited an elementary school a thousand miles away.

Linda B said...

Beverley, what a treasure, and how wonderful of you to do this. I didn't know about the project at all, or I at least would have tried. Anyway, congratulation to you for the winning bid. It makes my heart ache every time I think of this tragedy, & there was more on the news today! It touched us all I know.

Carol said...

Congratulations on your new treasure. It sounds like you had to work hard to win it! I think all of us have struggled to find ways to help, this seems like a really positive way to make a contribution!

crouchmamma said...

b, It was so neat to see the step by step on creating the artwork that you now own. I hope it brings peace, love and joy! :)