Friday, July 22, 2011

Simple Things / 60 Lists in 60 Weeks

At "Words of Me", the Friday Prompt is:

What are the the Simple things that make your life oh so good?

I would add, in the summer, especially with this heat! And, it is supposed to continue well into next week!

I love the idea of feeling grateful for those simple things that add joy to your life. My list would include:

Calling my children or friends

Enjoying a swim after my hubby gets home from work

Watching "So You Think You Can Dance" (I'm in heaven as there are 4 nights - 2 for Canada and 2 for the U.S.!)

Creating art

Working on other projects

Reading a book

Taking photos, especially of flowers and skies

Watching the new nest of baby robins develop and grow
(Taken just this morning)

Having air conditioning and overhead fans to keep cool

Eating fresh fruit, especially berries from the garden

Holding hands while we watch a movie

Having an ice cream cone

I could go on - but this made me realize just how many simple pleasures there are and that I really do need to appreciate them!

A quote I can across recently says it all:

"Pay attention to your life. With attention, comes joy!"

Why not join and create your own list!

60 Lists in 60 Weeks

I almost forgot about the challenge at "On the brink ..of something Beautiful". Every Sunday, Kellie posts a topic to create a list. This past week's was:

Things to do on a rainy day

I had a chuckle - here I was writing about things to survive the heat - should have added praying for rain! As I am trying to complete 60 lists in 60 weeks (compared to Kellie's 52 in 52), I thought I would take part.

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scrapwordsmom said...

Bev I Adore your list!! And really these are the VERY BEST things!! I mean "stuff" is nothing compared to your beautiful list!! Thanks for sharing. I tweeted this and put on FB:)