Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Happy Book

TNC - The Happy Book was started by Jamie Ridler and each week a random page is chosen on Friday to focus on for the week. I finally have my own copy and I am playing catch-up . I haven't taken part the past 2 weeks but have tried a few "happy" pages on my own.

Stickers That Make me Happy(Pg. 81)
I had fun with this one - I have a lot from school I was able to use.

Hand Turkey (pg. 34/35)

I did this for Thanksgiving - took me back to what I used to do with my kids. I still have a couple of them in a memory box.
As I look at mine, I am reminded more of a chicken than a turkey - but it certainly makes me smile, and I did have fun making it!

Time Machine
I have started this, and plan to keep compiling things for an actual time capsule for Jan. 1/11. I plan to open it and add to it every New Year's.
My youngest and I made one for the millennium 10 years ago and we looked at it last year. We had made t-shirts and had put in a newspaper, along with a few other things. That was quite a time for memories and looking back.
Be sure to check out Jamie's blog and join in the fun with "The Happy Book".


Suzie Ridler said...

I have a secret love of stickers too! Especially Halloween ones. Cool hand turkey! Very awesome you are compiling a time capsule, what a cool idea. :)

Bekah said...

Thanks for sharing. It's cool to see what people are actually putting in their books!

Francesca Di Leo said...

hi Beverly! thanks for visiting my blog and so happy you said hi. thanks for the tip, first gonna check out your blog and then off to shadow shot sunday... and sky watch friday. gosh, there's a group for everything, isn't there.

and are you a fellow torontonian?