Thursday, July 2, 2009

Creative Every Day - SELF

Leah of Creative Every Day has had us focus on a new theme - that of "SELF". A bit scary as I have not done a self-portrait for a looong time! My first one leaves a lot to be desired but it loosened me up for some other art tonight.

For July as well, I am hoping to create a collage/piece of artwork each day as well as take a photo a day. (For 101 in 1001 Days as well as Rowena's 100 in 100 Days)

Here are my offerings for the past 2 days:

July 1

A sunflower - using oil pastels, glued to a watercolour background

The baby bird allowed me to get up close - we couldn't find his nest and he was certainly looking for food from mom or dad! We kept our cat in - as she is still a "killer" at age 17! What a scruffy little thing!

July 2

Another sunflower - this time with tissue, watercolours and collaged to a watercolour base.

Our gardens this year are blooming with some beautiful, colourful flowers. But this white rose caught my eye.


Cheryl Finley said...

HI Bev.. OH,thank you for sharing all of your work this week. I like your first "self" portait as a "loosing"..that's so important to give ourselves permission for that. And the sunflowers are gorgeous, I just love them (have them in a few of my mini-collages I did this week)... and the baby precious. I hope he/she got some grub and love from mom and dad. An finally, your lovely flower portait - simply gorgeous. Is it a peony? I was out w/my camera in May and took quite a few pics of peonies. Thanks for stopping by my Mandala Oasis blog - it's always good to see you've been there.

hugs to you.. Cheryl

P.S. If you want to get rid of the blank spaces in your post, you can go back into "Edit" and you can highlight any blank lines you see, then delete; that will move everything up. :)

mel said...

How brave of you to do a self-portrait!! I tried that once....well, let's just say it got painted over!! More to do with my awful art than any self-deprecation...I hope....:)

Beautiful flowers....and your scruffy bird is, I'm sure, quite dapper by now...:)

Leah said...

So much beautiful artwork! I love how whimsical and joyful your self-portrait feels!

Beverley Baird said...

Thank you all for stopping by.
Thanks Cheryl for the advice. I am slowly learning the ins and outs of blogging (one thing I need to learn is how to create a post and ahve it run another day - prepost?
Thanks Mel once again for your kind thoughts and positive words.
Thanks Leah - I wish I could be more joyful! I appreciate your generous words.
All the best to all of you.

Rose said...

I find I can't draw things... Abstract and geometry is more my thing. Would love to be able to draw people but would be too scared to try!

Leone said...

Wow, the courage to do a self-portrait, good for you. Beautiful sunflowers and the photos are excellent. So lucky to get the baby bird -he's a scruffy little guy, hope she found her Mum and Dad.

MagicMarkingsArt said...

Your self portrait is adorable. It is the first I've seen on creative everyday. I have not gotten up the nerve yet to do mine :( I also really like the way your sunflower collage came out.

Beverley Baird said...

Thanks Leone and MagicMarkingsArt. It is great to have such positive comments - I really debatedaboutputting theself-portrait up at all!